frequently asked questions

Are you blogging full-time?
No. This was never intended to be a full-time thing. I add content as I can, but this was only created for fun, community, and to bring positivity to the internet. We will see what the future holds, but for right now I am going to spend time with my family and enjoy life over anything else.

Is your hair really that long?
This question always makes me laugh. I get this question a lot. Yes, my hair is really long, and it is natural. After a bad decision in 2008, I quit cutting my hair and was determined to let it grow to great lengths. I rarely let anyone touch my hair, but will get a trim once or twice per year, if that. My hair is very thin and fine. So, I need the length for sure. Update: I recently cut my hair! If you have noticed in my pictures, it is shorter than usual. I had a stylist cut quite a bit off! Don’t worry, I am leaving it long! 

What is your favorite clothing brand?
Anything from Amazon, of course!!! I can find anything and everything on there. I swear, Amazon might as well just take all of my money! Ha!! I would have to say that Lululemon is my second favorite brand. Ever since they started offering larger sizes on their website, I have been all-in. I am not an affiliate of theirs, but would love to be one day. Their fabric and quality is worth the price point, in my opinion. I practically live in their leggings and tops. My favorite legging from Lululemon can be found here. 

What size are you?
I am generally around a size 20/22. I wear a size 10 shoe and I am about 5’8. Every brand is sized a little differently, but in Lululemon I am a 20 or an XXL. Most other brands, I can wear a 2x or 3x. 

Do you use any fake tanner/spray tan?
Yes. I do. I currently have a membership to Palm Beach Tan, and I typically use the Mystic over the Versa. However, I love both just the same. If I dont have time to go to PBT, I will slap on some Loving Tan 2 hour express mousse. I will link it here

What are your favorite makeup brands/products?
I do have a few favorite items that I would be happy to share. Please click here to see those items. 

What items do you keep in your home regularly? 
I have a list of items that I make sure are in my home at all times. Click here to view this list. This includes all of my kitchenware, bathroom items, toiletries, and other random items.  I am working on obtaining my own Amazon store front, but I haven’t made it there yet. Thanks for your patience. 

XOXO, Paige